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Our very own Laura recently achieved 3 NVQs after completing her apprenticeship here at OTrack HQ. We’re extremely proud of Laura’s achievements, and thought we’d share it with the OTrack community! Here are Laura’s words about her journey so far.


If you are interested in seeing what our Introduction to OTrack 2018 webinars covers, see the following itinerary.

Introducing OTrack 2018 Webinars


Firstly, a brief welcome and talk through how the upgrade of OTrack came about.

Analysis Dashboard


Explanation of the analysis dashboard showing subject ARE and expected progress analysis.

Assessment Data Entry

Assessment Data Entry

Entering data and mention of improvements that have been made to improve user functionality.



A look at some of the powerful analysis that our reports can provide.

User Management

User Management

Easy viewing of pupil contextual groups, concluding with how schools can now define users and manage passwords themselves.

OTrack 2018 has been developed using modern technologies, allowing us to lay the foundations for future innovations. Have a suggestion for an improvement for OTrack?Let us know – if it is requested by enough schools it is something we will consider making a permanent development.

If you have any queries about OTrack, please feel free to give us a call on 01302 360246 or email

The new primary curriculum has presented many challenges but has also opened up new opportunities for schools with effective assessment systems. Under the previous method of using sub-levels there was a tendency to try and push pupils through to the highest level possible in the shortest period of time, quite understandable with Ofsted breathing down your neck and progress being all about points.

We’re now in a situation where depth of knowledge is considered good progress. But how do you assess this? What sort of questions are Ofsted going to ask? This blog is intended to share with you some good practice on how to evidence attainment and progress without a points progress number in sight. Confused? Read on…


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