We have a new service that will save all OTrack users hours of time…

This is a free service to all OTrack schools. We can now copy or move assessment data from one term to another. So for example, if your most recent data entered was in February (Spring Mid), then we can copy this to other terms.

We can also do this for any targets that you have recorded in OTrack.

If you have a specific data management need, please email us at explaining what data you’d like to be moved or copied and we’ll get onto it for you.

Our parent company Juniper Education has created a resource hub of regularly updated information to support schools, teachers and parents while social distancing measure are in place.

New resources are being developed by our team of education specialists on a daily basis and added to the ‘Keeping You School Running Effectivley Resource Hub’.

Resources by category

Additional Support, advice and guidance can also be found on Juniper Education’s LinkedIn and Twitter social feeds.

We all know the adage that weighing the pig does not make it fatter… and so it seems do Ofsted:

“Schools choosing to use more than two or three data collection points a year should have clear reasoning for what interpretations and actions are informed by the frequency of collection”.

Anecdotally, as I visit schools up and down the country, it is clear that many are moving to a 3 times a year data drop model rather than half-termly, and now that straw poll has been backed up with some data.


New for June 2019…

On Tuesday 4th June, we released a new report. This report is designed to be a supplement to your written parent reports.

See it in action

Watch the video below to see what the report can do:

If you have any questions, please email

We’re keen followers of education bloggers, not least the School Data Updates author James Pembroke, we really value his opinion in the primary school education sector.


This week I had an email from updates with the subject heading “Data management: reducing teacher workload”. Naturally this got my attention, and I decided it was well worth a read.


We’ve noticed that most schools who are changing their tracking methods are moving from a linear-based approach to a Point In Time Assessment model.

Schools and MATs have told us that the Point In Time Assessment (PITA) solution fits perfectly with their philosophy of the current curriculum. They also tell us that it’s saved them hours of time, so more effort can be dedicated to teaching and learning.

Read on to learn if this can help you.


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