Laura’s NVQ Success

A success story

Our very own Laura recently achieved 3 NVQs after completing her apprenticeship here at OTrack HQ. We’re extremely proud of Laura’s achievements, and thought we’d share it with the OTrack community! Here are Laura’s words about her journey so far.

Stepping into the real world

4 Years… that’s how long I have been at OTrack!

After leaving school I decided I didn’t want another year being sat in a class room, so I began my search for an apprenticeship. I found an advert for a Customer Service Apprentice with Doncaster College. Within a few days of placing my application I was contacted by the college to say that I had been accepted for the course, and next was to get the job. So, on 24th November at 3pm I turned up for my first ever interview. Given how nervous I was I think it went okay – well it must have done as the next day I received a call to say I’d got the job!

I was bullied continuously throughout school, so getting a job with new people was my worst nightmare. With all the nerves in the world I turned up for my first day. OTrack wasn’t what I expected, it still isn’t. Everyone sits in one office, the managers are next to you for support and you are treated equally (I was ecstatic about the fact I was treated as a “Grown Up”). OTrack is the company that provided me with the confidence to know I can do it, and nothing is impossible, I have to thank the directors for that – for not giving up on me the number of times I wanted to throw the towel in and quit.

The coursework

Anyway back to my apprenticeship, I was given a couple of weeks to settle into my job and get the hang of things. I then met my college tutor; my college tutor came out to me every month to give me my coursework units. We would sit and have a chat about how I was getting on, any issues and then go through what the new unit required.

I didn’t leave school with the greatest grades, but this was never an issue. Both Doncaster College and OTrack were more than happy to go the extra mile (they even nominated me for an award), so during my first year I completed Level 2 Customer Service, followed by my second year where I completed Level 3 Customer Service. Whilst doing so I also topped up my English Literature and Language Grades. I thought I was done at this point, but I was offered the opportunity to continue; so in year three I completed Level 3 Business Administration and topped up my ICT Grades.

It was all worth it

It hasn’t been the easiest 3 years completing them but by far its been the most rewarding, getting 3 NVQ’s amongst working with an amazing team, who without being biased have been the most supportive company. Above everything the feedback from helping customers everyday makes it all worth it.. and yes I’m still here!

Finally, a few words from us

Laura has been a real asset to the company. She takes customer service to a new level and always takes pride in her work. She is an exemplary member of staff and we hope she stays here for many years to come. Well done Laura!!!

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