SPTO users, these 4 points will help you make things easy…

As you know, School Pupil Tracker Online (SPTO) will be closing down at the end of this year. To ease the headache and worries that you’ll have over the coming months, we’ve written this post to help alleviate these worries.

We’ve specialised in the pupil tracking sector for 14 years. Which means:

  1. You can be confident we’ll understand your needs
  2. We can share best practice with you
  3. We can create a tracking system that will resonate with your school’s teaching and learning practices
  4. You’ll be joining a community of over 1600 schools, and over 15,000 professionals

No other tracker in our price range has the experience we have.

Find out how we can help you

Are you happy with your tracking methods?

If you’re happy with how you currently track then we can replicate this for you, in OTrack. But if you would like to explore other tracking methods, you can always ask us to show you any of our other supported models.

We’ll make the move easy

You can rest assured and relax while our experts migrate all your assessment data from SPTO to OTrack.

You will be set up and trained quickly on how to use OTrack, meaning there is no disruption and no extra workload for your staff.

No extra cost

You will actually save money because we will beat your last SPTO licence fee, and provide a free training session.

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See what our users think…

Previous SPTO user:

“We chose OTrack because we were searching for improved clarity, customisation and support. OTrack provides us with options to track when and how we want to, and to analyse and represent our data in a more user-friendly, and clearer way.

OTrack listen to our requests and answer our questions. We have built a relationship that will help us use our data to inform our teachers in order to best impact their teaching, and our children’s learning.”

Keith Mcleod, St Sidwell’s Primary, Devon

Also, see our video from Oasis Academy Parkwood:

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