OTrack and GDPR

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union regulation that updates and complements the framework for processing personal data in the EU, came into effect in May 2018.

Based on customer feedback, we know schools and academy groups are increasingly focused on the implications of the new European data protection framework. Read on to find out more about our compliancy journey.

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with over 1500 schools in the UK and around the world. Respect for privacy and security was built into our business from the beginning. As we’ve grown, our focus on handling and protecting the data our customers entrust to us has remained a top priority.

The GDPR is consistent with how we think and operate. Our security practices already comply with the Data Protection Act, and have since we were established in 2005.

In partnership with our GDPR consultants and legal team, we’ve taken the necessary steps to be compliant. All our processes and technologies are documented and compliant with the GDPR, our staff have been trained and we have released our new legal documents. You can read more about these documents below.

Data Processing Terms

Essentially this is your school’s OTrack licence. When a school orders OTrack, we send a copy of this document to be electronically signed before we process or store any of your data. If you are a current OTrack user (pre-GDPR), please contact us and we will send you your version of this document for you to sign.

Terms and Conditions of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Once a school has signed the Data Processing Terms document we a) add the school to our accountancy software for billing and b) arrange a transfer of data from the schools current systems into OTrack. When each school staff member logs into OTrack for the first time, they are prompted to read the Data Processing Terms, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy documents.

Sample Security Documents

Here are a copies of the legal documents mentioned above.

Data Processing Terms

Terms and Conditions of Service

Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

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