Extra Code Added to our EYFS Tracker

As you may know, when we released the newer version of OTrack we made a significant change to the EYFS tracker. This was really welcomed by many users, but it hasn’t been popular with others.

The change I’m talking about is the removal of a code between Secure at 40-60+ and meeting the ELG.

The good news is if you’re not a fan of this change we can re-add the extra code if you need it. If you don’t want that extra code, don’t worry, this won’t affect your tracker.

I’ll explain a little further...

In the old OTrack you used to have these codes available towards the latter end of the EYFS code set:

  • 40-60 B
  • 40-60 D
  • 40-60 S
  • ELG B
  • ELG D
  • ELG S

The default codes in the new version of OTrack are:

  • 40-60 B
  • 40-60 D
  • 40-60 S
  • G (meaning a pupil understands the ELG)
  • E (meaning a pupil is exceeding the ELG)

Some schools contacted us to say they felt that they need a code between ’40-60 S’ and ‘G’ so they can report progress. We can now update your EYFS tracker to have the following:

  • 40-60 B
  • 40-60 D
  • 40-60 S
  • W (meaning a pupil is working towards understanding the ELG)
  • G
  • E

If you want this extra code adding to your OTrack account please email

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