Bespoke Pupil Tracking for
Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)

Customising how schools record and analyse tracking data is what OTrack is all about – we’ve been doing this for over 10 years now. It was a great, and a very rewarding challenge, to extend that service when we introduced our consultancy services for MAT leaders.

“It’s something that meets our needs and will continue to develop as our needs develop”

Dave Dickinson, CEO at Waterton Academy Trust

Free consultation

There are no extra costs for our consultation sessions. We meet regularly with the trust leaders to make sure OTrack is consistent with their tracking theory. For example, we meet once a term with senior members of the REAch2 Multi-Academy Trust to discuss their reporting needs and to bring together any suggestions from their member academies. We also meet on request with other trusts such as David Ross Education Trust, Waterton Trust and Focus Trust.

We change when you change

Even if your thoughts and theories for tracking change, we will work in partnership with you to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. Our recent work with Donna Tandy and Helen Rowland at Focus Trust exemplifies this – they decided that their tracking model needed to highlight vulnerable pupils with more ease and we implemented a plan and a timeline to ensure that this was rolled out into the trust’s OTrack accounts.

“The support and customisation that OTrack gives us means that all SLTs across the Trust are using a shared system, language and expectations. It really feels like a bespoke Focus Trust system.”

Helen Rowland, Chief Executive at Focus Trust

Analysis to meet your needs

All our reports are customisable, meaning you can set up OTrack exactly how you want. We will adapt any of our existing reports to suit your needs or you can come to us with your own ideas and our experienced report development team will create them in OTrack for you.

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